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Remembering Life

‘What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.’

Gabriel García Márquez


‘It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.’

Gabriel García Márquez


‘The heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good.’

Gabriel García Márquez


Cowered by the indifferent glance
The snide remarks
Of a one-sided power struggle
Some hopeful thoughts remain.

Blackened air befalls the wisdom
Caught in two places of redemption
Likened to the suspect
Questioned to despair.

Shoulders hunched against a cold
Tied up tight without a hold
Moments of madness become
More like reality.

Defending the soul is battle
Without end, without role
World becomes a distant place
Rejecting the whole.

This is no place for rancour
Outspoken past the line
Enforcing drive to bend
A resolve without end.

Reaching for salvation
Beyond the backlit cowerer
Half an intention to leap
Like a complete moment in time.

All for games, will to power
Depress any button
To close the chapter tighter
Than the final level worn.

Only later, in shiver motion
Is candle’s end revealed to be
Desolation unburdened by fear
Falling far away.


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A broken heart remains
Lost as lonely as it’s alone
Reparation is separation
From the feelings within.

Shake a head eject
The images of old
Through the mist becomes
A vision of hope with open arms.

Smiling face belies the frown
The sadness seeping from the wound
Torn by the tears so sharp.

Lastly comes the open tenderness
Provided with the ease of ancients
Presented in salacious light
It becomes as cheap as before.

In gentleness the emotions grow
To a point where repetition
Eats into the soul and cries
This is enough, far too much.

The shout becomes a scream for fear
The tear becomes a laughter scar
And we are as one at last
Only to be alone – with ourselves.


Diary of a broken heart
Written words of pain
Same old story
Merry-go round
Laugh the hatred
Of an insane man
Cry of the gypsy
In a soul trapped in fear.

Only the haughty survive
To bleach their brains
And exchange the goods
For the breath of life
That leads them home
Home to where the stars
Reach down to bless
Raping all in sight
Of true feelings tonight.

Pagan spirits hang their heads
Beaten by no saint
Can only question why
So soon after rebirth
Did it rip the child open
Smash the eyes that see
Take head in hand
And beat the drum tight(er).

Shout to the wind
Hurt can never be felt
By numb fishermen
Drunk in the cold night air
Unafraid to cry out
Reach out for what they want
Hand grasps tight
Fingers cannot hold
Dreams never guided
By the hand of fate.

Pack up your troubles
But no kit bag can hold
Explanations overdue
Embrocation soothes
Cracks in the veneer of life.

Round and round, up and down
Any which way but loose
No destination unknown
No habitation concealed
Each and everyone
Padlocked into the circle.

So don’t tell the lies
To one who’s heard them all
Creator of catastrophe
Mingle with the frowns
Just a photograph
Ripped in half
A home inside a house
No one’s confused
Who’s been abused
Clear as a bell
That rings one knell for thee.

Sounding out the channels
That hold delight in close
Take what’s there’s and more
No one can partake
In a dream not shared
Sentiments play the part
Of a deceiver prostrate.

Invisible deliverer
Whose face can appear
When the faceless oppressor
Forces the nails further in
Tear the flesh
But feel no wounds
Oblivious to the sight
Of the fluid as it flows.

It was cold
Lost my hold to
The shadows of the night
Should’ve seen it arrive
Why does it take so long
To recognise misplacement
And when it does arrive
Why does denial follow?

Stupid questions asked
Of stupid people who know
They tell no lies they know
Yet they cannot see the truth.

Parting persons hide the free
Taking the essence of love
And walking to destiny
The realisation comes clear
So crystal it blinds the fool
What’s seen is only real
Inside the womb of release
Too soon to extrapolate
Too late to expatriate
Over and out and under.

Slave of the day
Working hard for god knows what
Breaking the back
For a dream so unreal
Hoping each new day
Will bring succour
But all that comes
Is a hatred full of tears
To wash the sweat away
To prepare for the new day.

People who push the hatred hard
Seem among the most lost
Yet they know where to go
And who to go along with
Should we take a leaf
Or make our own way
If at all?

Stealthily we tread the path
No toes to harm
Bowed head cant meet their eyes
That way no harm is done
Expect to body and soul
Within which who cares
If it’s seen it’s real
If not who can see?

Patience bring to each man
His just disquieted rights
Forged in fire and steel
Among the strongest foe
Joining the women unpure
To ache inside for heart.

Slowly senses return
In a bigoted world
How can it be known
Through eyes that blindly see
Shapers have the run
And extras follow meekly
Into the unknown
To where it all must lie (die)
What can it be that’s there
Has it no heart to lie
Could a sparrow fly without air
If a manowar sails tonight?

So lower your sails
And scupper your decks
The final hour is here
No crash bang wallop
To harden the heart
Just a gentle slipping away.



Though love is never perfect
And heartache always so pure
There is always a necessity
To keep on heading out.

Like moths to a flame
Oblivious to reason
Hearts can bind to its heat
And never let go.

It tends to come and so to go
The closer the relations
The more that we can know
Yes the closer the relations
The less we will let go.

Through hatred being despised
By jealous and salacious eyes
That which has no name
Remains until it grows.

It tends to come and so to go
The closer the relations
The more that we can know
Yes the closer the relations
The less we will let go.

But pressure comes to blow the coup
And threatens self destruction
That’s not what is required
To leave alone those relying on.

You, yonder is the answer kept
Within fields of Easter house
Like walls we build around
They break and fall eventually.

It tends to come and so to go
The closer the relations
The more that we can know
Yes the closer the relations
The less we will let go.

Again it is not wrong to love
No matter who provides
Without a surety of profundity
What comes will always go.

And holding hands in final scene
This play we play with, is never over
More questions roll that can be stopped
Where lies the blame no-one knows – do you?



Caught in a moment
And you feel the squeeze
Tight around your neck
Like a noose to set you free.

Stand back, take control of yourself
Stand back for a moment
Take control of yourself
In a moment, realise
Realise just who you are.

Tried for a crime you didn?t commit
Paying penance for all the pain
The victim is you but you cry
For your life is about to drop.

Stand back, take control of yourself
Stand back for a moment
Take control of yourself
In a moment, realise
Realise just who you are.

They worded the deed so well
That you signed your own demise
Now paying the price for reprise
You find the luck has run you out.

Stand back, take control of yourself
Stand back for a moment
Take control of yourself
In a moment, realise
Realise just who you are.

This is just a mirror
And I am not your god
You find out far too late
I?m the prophet who never stood.

Stand back, take a look at yourself
In a moment, realise
We are only going away
Take control of yourself, give in
Their only blowing away, away, away.

Felling just like a sentence
We find out where we are
Ties inside this shell
Only wasting away.

Take control of yourself
Your not anyone
Only blowing away, away.

Stand back, take control of yourself
Stand back for a moment
Take control of yourself
In a moment, realise
Realise just who you are.

Did you take control of yourself?

? Elegies


You tell me I am
One hell of a guy
Yet the shadow in your eye
Tells it never was real
The hand in pocket you took from me
The light in destiny for me
Tailor the taker, butcher the maker
What is the answer to 3 + 4
High is the habit, the lock on the door
And closed is the salvette
Laughing at me.

Ha! See the sneer behind a back
Crush goes the sought after scene
Tired and weary what’s in between
Feet on the table hands in the air
Knowledge the natural enemy
Withered by mind not my own
Fighting the settle that holds me down
Seeing the believing, believing its real
What was the question?
Oh yes am I here at all.

Listening to gradations of tears
Experiencing wonder I already knew
This circle of destiny wearing me down
Into the indecisive line
Cashing the chips someone else won
Why is the hatred beckoning me
How can the anger fulfil me
What was the question
I cannot quite recall
Sealed by the kiss, the kiss of death
Open in peril, taste the fantasy
Lost in a mind shattered through.

Wisdom they told me, will win
Violence I knew was the key
But cannot I retreat from the lip
Precipice of treatise I am he
Walking the tightrope from the inside.

Now is the daybreak we waited for
This is the moment to live the life
What was the question??
I do not know.

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