When love seems like the only answer
And you feel that all is lost
There can be no time to count the cost
Its gone and that is final.

And nowhere does it ever run smooth
Nor is it silent or eternally deep
It makes a mess of true happiness
But it, must be.

How can it be that we have many loves
But love so few we get so upset
So many chances missed at that point
Where cursory glances change into stares.

And nowhere …

We let it happen more accident than chance
Place our faith in the pebbles theory
This only anticipates our unhappiness
When we find ourselves all alone.

We lay back and fantasise
Of what we feel we will always need
Pick the best and settle for less
Is what we, always, do.

And nowhere …

Fortune is cold when the lights go out
Picking up pieces from others ricochets
Falling in and out of wanting
But never, saying, die.

Missed opportunities bite so deep
Fall in depression just at the count
Forgot the feelings, no longer care
Just knowing that next time you
Gotta stop fantasising
And lay right down and give it a try.

And nowhere …